ECR C5L Viridian Green Compact Laser Radiance Light ComboECR C5L Viridian Green Compact Laser Radiance Light Combo
Viridian X5L (GEN 2) Pressure Switch ModelViridian X5L (GEN 2) Pressure Switch Model
X5L Viridian (GEN 2) Generation 2 Laser Light ComboX5L Viridian (GEN 2) Generation 2 Laser Light Combo



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We at started out offering multiply brands of flashlights.  We sold Surefire Flashlight L4, Streamlight, and Maglites.  It was not until I was introduced to Inforce Tactical Flashlights that I new we found the flashlights we wanted to sponsor.  We no longer had to carry the Surefire Flashlight L4.  Come watch the videos on our website.  The sales rep that demonstrated the Inforce flashlight to me left Surefire to work with Inforce.  The demonstration he performed was awesome.  At first I was skeptical of his sales pitch, but after showing me the Inforce Color model I new I found the flashlights I wanted to sponsor.  It was at that moment that I knew I did not have to look for a better flashlight.  We no longer had to stock multiply brands, for example Surefire Flashlight L4.  I was at the Shot Show this week and saw all kinds of brands of flashlights, but I never stopped to even look at their demonstrations, because I knew that there was no flashlight brand out there that could compare to Inforce.   The Inforce booth had a very simply booth no fireworks or flashlights in the water. They just had all their models spread out so you could play with them.  The Inforce line of flashlights is American Made just like the Surefire flashlight L4, but sells for a lot less.  They  also come with a lifetime guarantee.  These flashlights were made to compete with the Surefire line of flashlights.  The Inforce 9V will compete with the Surefire Flashlight L4 at almost 40% the cost.  I have trouble stocking these flashlights because Inforce supplies the US Army with flashlights.   If you want the flashlight the soldiers mount to their guns then you need a Inforce flashlights.  Please contact us with any questions about Inforce Flashlights.  The Surefire Flashlight L4 has a 120 lumen output for 2 hours.  It runs on 2 CR123, and it cost around $175.  In comparison the Inforce 9V has a 135 lumen output for 10+ hours on 3 CR-123’s.  Did I mention you can buy a weapons mount and pressure switch for about $30 dollars more then the Surefire Flashlight L4.  Why would you pass this deal up?  I fell in love with my Inforce flashlight.




  Just wanted to say thanks again for the Inforce.  The light is AWESOME.  I never thought a light would become such an important part of my every day gear.  The ir light comes in handy every single night out here.  We rotate shifts every four weeks, so I'm going to be working at nght 2/3 of the year.  That's a good portion of the time and i needed a good light.  It's extremely lightweight and is OUTSTANDING on battery life. I'm still on my first set of batteries.  My surefire would have had the entire state of New Mexico in an A123 shortage.  I get compliments on this thing all the time and I have several people that want their own.  I need them to get their own so they can quit asking me for mine. Haha.  Thanks again!!

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