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Quick access at the swipe of your finger.

The original BIOMETRIC security device is better than ever.

The industry standard INPRINT has been redesigned to raise the bar even further. As always, you can still rely on the INPRINT to provide reliable instant access with a simple swipe of one finger. Now you can also choose from several variations designed for your specific application. Size, color, construction and interface are just a few of the advancements we've made in the product that started it all. the INPRINT.


Biometric Capabilities:

  • NO codes to remember or enter to gain access, just swipe your finger.
  • The lowest FAR (False Acceptance Rate in the industry 1-100,000, while maintaining a very low FRR (false rejection rate due to the latest hardware and software algorithm  utilized in 4th quarter of 2009) –
  • Unlike push-button there is no way a child can learn the code and gain access.

Single Finger Operation:

  • NO other Security device has this unique approach where only ONE finger is used to wake-up and operate the Inprint.  It's easy to use, with only 1 step to open.

Rugged Steel Construction:

  • 16 guage steel used in the blind seam construction for durability. 

Solid State Electronics:

  • Believe it or not we actually use a local (Kansas) company to assemble our boards - quality first - Made in the USA!
  • This is our 2nd generation biometric device - nobody else can say that - we have made many improvements over the first device.  FASTER, more reliable!

9 Volt Battery:

  • Runs on a single 9 Volt battery for a year with normal use.

Jack for Optional A/C:

  • With the optional A/C adaptor you bypass the sub-second wakeup time and are able to open the Inprint nearly instantly.

Simple enrollment and reconfiguration capability:

  • Easy to enroll and add additional users.  See the videos in the SUPPORT tab.

Stores Up to 15 Fingerprints:

  • We recommend that you put several of your fingers in the device.  Unlike competitors our system has onboard memory so all 15 fingerprints are accessed at equal speed - FAST. 

Spring Loaded Door:

  • To make the opening even faster we have a spring loaded door.  Get out of the way after you scan your finger!!!  We thought you would not want anything to slow you down to get to the contents.

Key Back-Up:

  • We have a key backup in case you have ignored the slow red flashing light to remind you to replace the battery.  We recommend you keep the key in another building or in another safe.  You should never need it.
  • We have made each key unique so if you lose your key we can not replace.  Another level of security so no other key can get into your Inprint.

Mounting Holes for Ease of Installation:

  • You can either use the mounting holes that are in the Inprint or purchase an optional mounting bracket.  If you use the mounting bracket you can move the Inprint to another location by easily reaching inside and taking off the specially made wing nuts.

One Year Warranty:

  • We have a One year warranty against workmans defect.  Just call and we will take care of your problem.
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