ECR C5L Viridian Green Compact Laser Radiance Light Combo
Viridian X5L (GEN 2) Pressure Switch Model
X5L Viridian (GEN 2) Generation 2 Laser Light Combo


Pepper Spray

  XFIGHTERDEFENSE.COM carries a wide selection of Pepper Sprays from quality companies.  You can feel confident and secure knowing that you are carrying one of our Pepper Spray Products.  If you just want something you can hide on a keychain or put in your purse we have what you are looking for.  We have a multitude of styles that will protect you on a date or running through the park. Just a quick spray into your attackers face from one of our Pepper Spray Products and you will now have plenty of time to move out of harms way.  Before Ordering any of our Pepper Spray products check out the Legality of Ownership in your area.  CLICK HERE FOR LAWS and REGULATIONS

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