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ECR C5L Viridian Green Compact Laser Radiance Light Combo
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X5L Viridian (GEN 2) Generation 2 Laser Light Combo


Inprint Security Case by Liberty Safes Made in USA
Security Cable Included!
Inprint Security Case by Liberty Safes Made in USA
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The INPRINT-MICRO allows you the ability to utilize advanced biometric technology
which allows only authorized users to access your valuables.
The INPRINT-MICRO can enroll up to 15 authorized fingerprints into memory during a
simple setup process. Once these fingerprints are captured and encrypted, they can
never be stolen from the system.
To gain access, slide your finger across the sensor. The sensor scans the fingerprint’s
data and compares it against the encrypted fingerprint data in memory. Based on the
stored fingerprint information, the INPRINT-MICRO accepts or rejects access quickly
and accurately. A/C adapter eliminates delay.  (A/C Adapter Sold Seperately).Pistol and Laser not included.
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